About Us:

Philadelphia Rhythmic Academy is the first academy of rhythmic gymnastics in the Tri-State area, conveniently located between Bucks county and the NorthEast. We have been training in our spacious, air conditioned facility since 2005 with more than one training carpet area and 40+ ft ceilings. It has always been our dream and ambition to be able to provide the opportunity to gymnasts of all ages to train in the sport of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Today, while embarking on our journey, we are ecstatic that we were able to uncover serious potential in many gymnasts who might have never considered this path and look forward to many more joining our team. We are thrilled to see our girls striving to success as gymnasts and fulfilling their dreams of competing, traveling and reaching for a common goal in unity, as a team. All athletes at the Philadelphia Rhythmic Academy are coached by exceedingly qualified coaches, whose gymnasts have participated and won in competitions of national and international levels. We offer training from tot classes all the way up to advanced team placement. We are proud say that we have produced gymnasts who are part of the US National Team, Future Stars and Youth Elite Training Camp, who are all trained to in the sport and have the opportunity to attend many international competitions as well working hard to strive towards the Olympics. 

 Philadelp​hia R​hyt​hmic Academy

1331 O'Reilly Drive, Feasterville PA 19053

​phone: 215-240-6016   email: rh_gymnastics@yahoo.com

Our hours are Monday thru Friday 4:30pm-8:30pm and Saturday 9am-2:30pm. We are closed on Sundays.

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Latest News and Updates:

  •  Diamond Invitational Results in Bethesda, MD May 2-3, 2015 
    • Level 3
      • Maya - 1st on Ball, Floor; 3rd on Rope, 1st AA
      • ​Daniella - 1st on Floor
      • Giana - 1st on Floor, 3rd AA
      • Nicole - 2nd on Rope
    • Level 4
      • Mila - 1st on Rope, Ball; 2nd on Floor; 1st AA
      • Rachel S. - 2nd on Floor, 3rd on Rope, 1st on Ball, 2nd AA
      • Nicole - 3rd on Rope & Ball and 3rd AA
      • Katya - 1st on  Floor, Rope, Ball and AA
      • Caroline - 3rd on Floor, 2nd on Rope & Ball, 2nd AA
    • Level 5
      • Lara - 2nd on Floor, 3rd on Rope, 1st on Ball, 3rd AA
      • Sofia - 2nd on Floor, 1st on Hoop & Rope, 3rd Ball, 1 AA
      • Catherine - 3rd on Rope, 1st on Ball, 3rd
    • Level 7
      • Elizabeth - 2nd n Floor, 1st on Rope, 1 on Ball, 2nd AA
      • Abby - 3nd on Clubs, 3rd on Rope, 3rd AA